Two major changes for 1981:

1.     Exciting new colour coordination.
        This year the dashboard will be available in black, grey, beige, brown or blue.

2.     In addition the entire dashboard configuration has been redesigned.
        The main instrument cluster is positioned under an extended canopy.
        All instruments have been designed to make them easily readable and more cosmetically appealing.
        In addition, there is adequate space for optional instruments.


A designed glove compartment door opens to reveal the new automatic trunklid release, standard on GLE's and Coupes. The trunk lid can be released by pressing a button.


On cars with manual transmission, the shifter has been redesigned. The first feature of this redisign, the overdrive switch, is now a push button unit. Also new for 1981 there is an automatic release from overdrive when shifting out of fourth gear.


Volvo's superior engineering has designed a glass area that provides the driver with better than 90% all around visibility, (except the Bertone Coupe which is 84%).


Designed with utility in mind, all of the 615 litres are easily accessible for upright storage of your luggage. Note that the spare tire is conventiently located out of the way, but easy to reach should the need arise.


All Volvo's incorporate a practical wrap-around bumper made of high strenght aluminum alloy with superior collision protection and rust resistance. Incorporating a pistontype, gas filled impact absorber, the bumper is designed to act as the first zone of occupant safety.


Volvo engineering and research has designed a steering column to provide the utmost in occupant safety. In total there are five different stages of controlled provide protection at increasing levels of severity.


For 1981, Volvo offers an array of engine in tune with the economic times, while offering lively performance.


An overhead camshaft all alloy v6 engine renowned for its rugged durability, and smooth efficient operation powers all GLE and Coupe models.


All 1981 models will incorporate a new 4 speed heater and A/C fan motor for greater efficiency and quieter operation.


Rack and Pinion steering with fewer moving parts gives a responsive feel to insure the driver more precise handling and maneuverability. The system is power assisted in all Volvos, except two and four door DL sedans with no sunroof. The Rack and Pinion steering, combined with Volvo's suspension package provides a turning radius of only 9.25 metres, while reducing "play" in the system resulting in more positive steering response.


Volvo's unique standard four-wheel power assist disc brake system incorporates a step bore master cylinder, dual triangular split circuit, rear proportioning valves and ventilated front discs. All of these provide sure, safe stopping time after time.


Volvo's constant fuel injection system, standard on Gl, GLE, and GLT models, incorpoates a continuous controlled flow of fuel at all times. Designed for superior operational reliability, fuel injection improves both engine performance and fuel economy. The system's ability to concisly control fuel flow provides the basis for our exclusive Lambda Sond© emission control system which is standard equipment on the B21f Turbo and the B28F. This has been reerred to as "the most significant breakthrough ever achieved in the fight to obtain cleaner running cars".


This year, all Volvo's will have the elegant look of quad rectangular headlights and distinctive vertical grillbarr design. The DL and Gl models will feature the black grill, while the Diesel and GLE will have the up-scale "silver" grill and bumper assemblies. The GLT and Coupe share the prestigious look of the Coupe grill.


All Volvo's are protected by a multy-layer of paint and metal preparation process. Incorporating zine phosphate, primer, stone chip and abrasive resistance coats, surface layer paints, sealer and top coat, all engineeres to give the Volvo finish lasting brilliance.


The frame and body shell are welded into one integral unit, and any one of those single spot welds are strong enough to support the weight of the entire body. This process provides a unit which is both stronger and lighter than a separately constructed body and frame.


Volvo has a unique system of six steel box pillars that combine maximum strenght and serve as elements of the Volvo safety cage surrounding the passenger compartment.


For additional occupant protection, the patented design of tubular steel bars in each door as protection against side impacts.


The independent front suspension incorporates a McPherson-type spring strut for superior road holding. The rear suspension with volvo's live axle is designed to provide fixed track and wheel angle. The axle is postioned with five arms and rods for exact control. Impact-dampening coil springs and rear stabilizer provide a smoother ride and prevents excessive body roll.

text Volvo-Press kit 1981.

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