A car for the connoisseur. A luxurious Coupé with plenty of room for four. The new Volvo 262 C, which has recently been introduced, posseses elegant classical lines and comfort in luxury class. Jan Wilsgaard, Volvo's chief designer, has created a new car with a low profile and sweeping classical lines developed in cooperation with the skilful craftsmen of the world-famous Italian car body people, Bertone, who build the car to Volvo's specifications. The Volvo 262 C will be shown at the Geneva Show next week.

The Volvo 262 C is based on the Volvo 264 GLE but is even more exclusive. Jan Wilsgaard has put the accent on low profile by using wide rear roof pillars. An Italian accent coupled with a strict Swedish line.

The Volvo 262 C is an exclusive and beautiful car. The interior of the car strengthens this impression. Volvo 262 C is designed for four people. Four people who can ride in the greatest of comfort. The seats, door panels and roof pillars are upholstered in leather. Walnut inserts are fitted in the door panels. The sitting level of the seats is low, both front and rear. The inner roof height is good despite the low profile. The space for passengers in the rear seat is ample and comfortable.

The Volvo 262 C is a good example of how luxury and safety can be combined. Steering, brakes and roadholding are made for quick and comfortable driving with low noise level and even at high speeds. The body is of the same safety type as other Volvos in the 260-series.

The comprehensive equipment of the Volvo 262 C includes reading lights for passenger comfort. Inertia reel belts are also fitted to the rear seats and in the luggage compartment the Volvo 262 C has been provided with a "space-saver" spare wheel with pressure bottle. Tinted glass is used in the Volvo 262 C. Rear mirrors, side windows and radio aerial are electrically operated. The front seats are electrically heated. The temperature of the seats is regulated automatically by a thermostat.

Volvo 262 C is equipped with automatic gearbox and power-assisted steering as standard and Volvo's V6-engine. The engine is made of aluminium and has overhead camshafts and continuous fuel injection. The engine developes 140 HP DIN.

Volvo 262 C is painted in metallic silver with a black vinyl-covered roof.
The interior is in black leather.

text from Bertone presannouncement 1977.

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