The Colorpalet for the Volvo 262 C Bertone.

On the 14 april 1977 Volvo Celebratet his 50 anniversary. This anniversary does not went by whithout any intension. Two special versions on basis from the Volvo 244 en 264 GL where in limited numbers build. The Silvermetal colored body (therefore a new color in the Volvo assortiment) where finished with an gold/black striping on the sides and the Volvo little emblem changed by ovalen jubileumemblem. The interior became here with a velvet upholsterer.
The Volvo 262C became also presented in the same Anniversaryear on the carsalon van Genève in the month March. The point that the 262C special meand as an jubileumcar does not went on. Hij was mentioned to fill the hole who excisted after the produktionstop from de Volvo 1800 ES and 1973. The most commen classic execution from the 262C are those from the first 2 produktionyears, 1977 and 1978:

Europamodel 262C 1977-1979

A greymetal with black vinyl roof. The colorassortiment was til the end of the produktion in 1981 suitable.
In 1979 the colorassortiment expand with an goldmetal color (inclusive the roof). When we see the low productionnumbers it was possible to work on order. So there are made in 1980 an number of 262C 's with an darkbrownside bodywork and an goldcolered roof. In his last sellingyear 1981 the customer had the choise between 3 body's:
- silvermetal with black roof
- lightbleu-metal
- black.


The most exclusive version from, the Volvo 262 C was destinated for the general director from AB Volvo, mister Pehr G. Gyllenhammer. In 1981 he purchased himself a red 262 C in a "Turbo"-look. All the chroomwhere displaced by dullblack finish: front, grille, windowborders, striping. The "Turbo"-look has been taken till the tyres: 15 inch rims with low profile tyres. This red 262 C has been given after his years of service to the Volvo-collection.
This historical Volvo collection in witch we find every produced model and a great number of prototypes you will find them in the Volvo Museum. A visit more than worth.

Free translated from uitlaat magazine Swedish Car Club Belgium v.z.w. September 1997

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