Folder front 264TE Year 1977

This exclusive Volvo 264 TE fulfils the most exacting requirements on comfort, reliability and safety. The Volvo 264 TE offers high-class comfort. The plush upholstery and trim is ideally matched by the high quality wall-to-wall carpeting. The rear seat is complete with head restraints, special reading lamps and a foldable center armrest for added comfort. The wide door angle opening ensures dignified entry and exit. The Volvo 264 TE has a smooth and powerfull V6 engine. This engine has been designed to combine utter reliability and long service life with ease of starting, good low-speed pulling power and plenty of reserves for fast, safer overtaking. A three stage automatic transmission with torque converter and six illuminated selector posistions are standard on the Volvo 264 TE. The Volvo 264 TE is a safe car with a strong body and impact absorbing crumple zones front and rear. The passenger compartments is in effect a steel cage also proteted at the sides by anti-intrusion members securely to the floor. The fuel tank is safely located out of harm's way, entirely separate from the passenger and luggage compartments.

The exclusive plush trimmed interior gives that distinctive armosphere of elegance. The rearseat with its foldable centre armrest provides the passengers with superb travelling comfort. In the spacious and comfortable interior there are two foldable extra seats, which allows the Volvo 264 TE to carry up to six passengers plus driver. The foldable seats are of course of the same high quality that distinguish all Volvo seats. When the foldable seats are in use there are still plenty of room for the rear seats passengers - thanks to the longer wheelbase of the Volvo 264 TE.

Technical Information

Designation B27E
Number of cylinders 6
Displacement, cm³ 2664
Bore x stroke 88,0 x 73,0
Max. output hp at r/m DIN 140/6000
Max. output kW at r/s DIN 103/100
Max. torque kpm r/m DIN 10,8/3000
Max. torque at r/s DIN 204/50
Compression 8,7:1
Carburation CI-Injection system
Octane rating 93
Engine block and cylinder head Aluminium alloy
Valve system Overhead camshafts. Rocker arms
Camshaft transmission Chain
Sealed and frost-proofed.
Capacity approx.

10.9 litres
Battery 12 V / 70 Ah
Alternator rating 55 A
Ignition system Contactless. Electronic
Automatic transmission

3-stage. Torque convertor.
6 illuminated selector posistions
Safety location beside rear axle.

13.2 Imp galls/60 litres
Rack and pinion. Safety steering
column of telescopic type. Ratios

17.1;1 Power assisited
Number of turns to lock 3,5
Headlight washers and wipers Yes
Instrumentation Clock. Tachometer
Steering wheel diameter 400 mm.Integral foam covered
Electrically powered windows Front and rear side windows
Tinted glazing Yes
Upholstery Plush
Full carpeting Textile, deep pile
Air conditioning Yes
Stereo loudspeakers

Built into front doors and behind
rear seat.
Fixed head restraints Front and rear seats
Luggage compartiment trim

Full textile carpeting
Spare wheel cover
Luggage compartment lightning Yes
Rims 5,5J-14"
Steel braced radial ply tyres 185 SR 14
1 The equipment items listed in the table are additional to those specified in the text below

Front: spring strut type with stabiliser.
Rear: live, carried in rubber-mopunted control arms and torque rods.
Transverse location by track rod. Coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers.

Power-assisted, all disc. Dual circuit, triangle-split system. Each circuit operates simultaneously on both front wheels and one each of the rear wheels. Brake pipes of rust-resistant copper and nickel alloy. The front discs are specially ventilated. Relief valves in each circuit prevent the rear wheels from lockin up premarturely during emergency braking. Master cylinder of stepped-bore type. Handbrakes operates on rear wheels through separate drums.

Houses in padded dashboard. Rheostat-controlled instrument lighting. Sixfigure mileometer with tripmeter, fuel gauge and coolant temperature gauge. Warning lamps for charging, oil pressure, main beam, turn indicators, handbrake and brake circuit failure. Bulb integrity sensor. Glovebox lightning. Combined steering and ignition lock. Centre console: controls for electrically heated rear window, four-away hazard warning lights and also for heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. "Fasten seat belts" reminder. Cigar lighter. Ashtray, Radio with cassette player.

Combined stalk for turn indicators, main and dipped beam and headlight flasher. Combined stalk for windscreen wipers, two-speed and electric windscreen washers. rectangular, halogen headlights with separate reflectors for main and dipped beams. Automatic reversing lights. Engine bay lights. High impact laminated windscreen. Padded sun visors. Day / night rearview mirror of safety type. Inertia reel front seat belts. Inertia reel seat belts, lap belt in centre. Towing points front and rear.

Telephone in centre armrest.
Communication radio set
Pennantstall. Curtains for rear compartment.

Kerb weight, approx. 1635 kg.
Total weight, approx. 2180 kg.

Twelve-month warrenty irrespective of mileage.

text from Volvo 264TE brochure 1977.