We have only have taken the model 262C out of this complete press kit. (Jerome.)

In this press kit you will find not only the changes that have been made in volvoautomobiles for 1981, but complete model specifications.
After reading this material you will see that there is a Volvo to meet the demant of virtually every new buyer. The connoisseur will want to see the limited-production Bertone Coupe, while the buyer who does not require the luxurious appointments offered by the Coupe and the GLE sedan and stationwagon, will find a car to meet his exact needs in the GL or DLseries. Volvo also offers two diesel models in its 1981 line with an additional sedan model with sunroof and metallic finish. Few, if any, competitive diesel cars can match the performance, reliability and comfort provided by the Volvo diesel sedans and station wagons.
You will also see that all changes that have been made in our new cars are compatible with the philosophy that has always existed at Volvo, wich is that Volvos must be as durable, safe, comfortable, and as economical to operate as the most modern technological technigues enable them to be. For instance, Volvo has re-designed the dashboard for its 1981 models. Apart from appearing it is more attractive, it allows instruments to be more easily read and switches easier to reach. This means the driver will be more comfortable and consequently will drive more safely. Similarly, quadsquare headlights with halogen highbeams have been incorporated in '81 models. They too enhance the appearance of the cars, but because they throw a better light they are an additional safety feature.
One point we want to emphasize strongly, with the exception of our top luxury models, Volvos are BUILD IN CANADA at our Halifax plant. Volvo contributes significantly to the Canadian economy. However, our cars are not sold on the basis of a nationalistic or emorional appeal. We justify them because of their intrinsic worth. That more and more Canadians appreciate this worth is best indicated by the fact that sales from January to September 1980, have increase 10% over those of a similar period last year.
Thank you for reading this kit. We believe it to be comprehensive, however should you reguire additional information please telephone or write to:.........


Styled and assambled in Italy by the famous coach builder, Bertone, the Coupe is Volvo's most exclusive model. Only 1500 coupes will be produced in 1981, of which Canada will exclusive approximately 60. With such a limited production, this personal luxury Coupe would seem destined to become a collector's item.
The interior is surrouded by soft selected glove leather, the seat, sunvisor and trim. The door panels are covered in pleated leather with genuine elm inserts. The Coupe has proven fuel injected V-6, 2.8 litre 130 horsepower engine. Attached to this B28F engine will be a choice of either transmission, a four speed maual with overdrive or three-speed automatic.
The Coupe is equipped with an impressive list of standard equipment items including; air conditioning, power steering, four-wheel power disc brakes, front spoiler, 25-spoke alloy wheels with low profile radial tires, power windows, tinted glass, electronic cruise control and centrally controlled door locking system. The only item not standard is the radio, as Volvo offers a large selection of AM-FM, Stereo & Cassette; the choice is left to the buyer.
The Volvo Coupe is certainly an attractive motorcar. It's eyecatching with its low roof line! But unlike many exotic cars, it has the durability, safety, comfort and repairability of a Volvo.

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262C from Volvo press kit 1981

text en photo's Volvo-Press kit 1981.

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