Picture from Car & DRIVER 1981

There are a few things still being made today uncompromsing standards of quality.

This is one of them.

The Bertone Coupe by Volvo.

Examinate its exterior and you notice immediately that the doors fit perfectly and the finish is flawless.

This is because the Bertone Coupe is not merely assembled.

It's hand-crafted. A distinction it shares with only the world's most revered autombiles.

Inside glove-soft leather that's hand-fitted and stitched over every seat will convince even the most ardent skeptic that superior workmanship is not a thing of past.

However, you needn's acquire a Bertone Coupe to own a car of truly remarkable quality.

Any Volvo will admirably suffice.

In fact, Volvos are so well-made their average life expectancy is now up to 18.7 years in Sweden.

Of course if you decide to invest in a Volvo, you'll need a respectable sum.

But in return you'll get something that's hard to put a price on.

A car you'll come to value.

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